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Daniel Dekleer: Surviving a Devastating Crash

Daniel Dekleer, whose mom Rita is an Infection Control Nurse at VGH, was saved at VGH after surviving a T-bone car crash.

VGH nurse’s son receives life-saving care at VGH

It was nearing midnight and raining when 22 year old Daniel Dekleer was on his way home from a memorial. He was sitting in the front passenger seat of his friend’s car and just as his friend was making a turn, Daniel noticed something out of the corner of his eye — headlights coming directly towards him. He tried to warn his friend, but it was too late. A tow truck pulling a bus T-boned the car, passenger-side first.

Ryan Jones: Wildland Fighter Saved by VGH

Original article posted on the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation website. Ryan’s story is part of a series on new Brain Bolt technology, made possible by donor funding, being pioneered at Vancouver General Hospital.

On a Friday morning in May 2016, unseasonal snow was thick on the road as 22 year old Ryan Jones was on his way to fight a forest fire near Fort St. John. Suddenly the wheels got stuck and his car veered into the oncoming lane. He saw a car approaching and tried to turn back, but his car was stuck in the snow — he couldn’t turn away.

“I don’t remember anything after that,” says Ryan. “I just woke up at the hospital.”

Sammy Badger: Music Therapy Helps Burn Victim Through Treatment

On the first day of Spring Break in 2018, Sammy Badger, 17, was enjoying a bonfire with her friends by the Squamish River.

Then in an instant everything changed. Someone threw an accelerant into the fire. The explosion engulfed Sammy’s head and hand in a ball of flame.

I was on fire and one of the kids across from me basically jumped through the flames towards me and pushed me to the ground and yelled, Roll, roll!” says Sammy.

Sammy closed her eyes and mouth and rolled in the sand, putting out the fire.

Sammy couldn’t open her eyes and her head was in scorching pain. She needed expert medical care — the kind found only at Vancouver General Hospital, the major burn referral centre for adults in BC.


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